Performance Frameworks

Academic Performance Framework and Guidance

A.R.S. §15-183(R) requires each charter school sponsor to adopt a performance framework and ground its actions in evidence of the charter holder’s performance in accordance with the performance framework. Statute requires the performance framework to include the academic performance expectations of the charter school and the measurement of sufficient progress toward the academic performance expectations. In October 2012, the Board adopted its Academic Performance Framework and Guidance (“academic framework”). The purpose of the academic framework is to communicate the Board’s academic expectations for ensuring that all charter holders in its portfolio are providing a learning environment where measurable improvement in pupil achievement can be demonstrated. The academic framework also describes how the Board utilizes information concerning a charter holder’s performance and the Board’s academic interventions for charter holders who do not meet its academic performance expectations. For additional information, see the “Academic Interventions” and “Reviews” tabs. The current version of the Board’s academic framework is included below.

View Academic Performance Framework and Guidance Revised November 27, 2023

Accessing Academic Performance Dashboards

Each charter school’s academic performance as evaluated using the academic framework is represented in a dashboard and may be accessed through ASBCS Online. Authorized charter representatives may also access the academic dashboard once they have logged in to ASBCS Online.