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Through this forum, the charter community and other stakeholders have an opportunity to voice their position on a potential rule or policy and provide valuable information on how it may impact you and your community. Your feedback will assist the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (Board) and improve its services to the charter community.

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1st Opportunity for Public Comment - Change in Net Assets Used for Framework

Recently, the Board established the Financial Framework Subcommittee (“Subcommittee”). As part of its deliberations, the Subcommittee is considering data and lessons learned from the FY2019-FY2022 audit cycles and stakeholder feedback. 

Based on procedures in place when the initial financial framework was first implemented in 2012, Board staff has considered the total change in net assets. Since implementing the current framework, Board staff has talked with various individuals regarding the appropriateness of considering donor restrictions. 

At its November 8, 2023 meeting, the Subcommittee voted to recommend the financial framework consider the change in net assets without donor restrictions instead of the current practice of using the total change in net assets. Further, the Subcommittee recommended that the Board implement this change, for those charter holders that would be positively affected, with Board staff’s review of the fiscal year 2023 audits; this would not affect schools that are negatively impacted by this change for fiscal year 2023. The Subcommittee took this action to provide for the opportunity to solicit public comment from charter holders that the full Board could consider at the December 14, 2023 meeting and if, after considering the public comment, the change is approved by the full Board, to allow Board staff to gather data on how this change impacted performance based on the fiscal year 2023 audits.

You may access the information presented to the Subcommittee here. Please note that this document inadvertently uses “total net assets” instead of “total change in net assets” and “net assets without donor restrictions” instead of “change in net assets without donor restrictions.” 

The window for the first opportunity for public comment will be open November 13, 2023 – December 4, 2023.

All public comment received by December 4, 2023 using this Google form will be presented to the Board and members of the public will have an additional opportunity to provide comment to the Board at the meeting during which the Board considers this possible change to the financial framework.