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Public Comment: Footnote Correction to Financial Framework’s ADM Category Criteria Table

In August 2021, the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (“Board”) approved changes to its Financial Performance Framework rules, including the addition of two tables to Arizona Administrative Code R7-5-402. Recently, Board staff has determined information contained in the second footnote of the “ADM Category Criteria” table (also referred to as Table 1) does not accurately capture the ADM criteria approved by the Board at its April 12, 2021 meeting. The Board has opened the public comment period to correct the footnote to accurately identify which year is considered “year 1” in the “Percent of Loss of Total ADM” calculation.   

Arizona Revised Statutes §15-183(R) requires the Board, as a sponsoring entity of a charter school, to ground its actions in evidence of the charter holder’s performance in accordance with the Board’s performance framework and requires the Board’s performance framework to include the financial expectations of the charter school. 

You may access the proposed footnote correction here.

The public comment window will be open October 21, 2021 – November 9, 2021. 

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