Annual Audits

Audit Guidelines and Documents

A.R.S. 15-183(E)(6) and 15-914 require all charter schools to have an annual audit. In accordance with administrative rule, the Board issues audit guidelines that provide general guidance on charter school audit requirements. At the same time the Board issues its audit guidelines, the Board also releases its compliance questionnaires. Below please find the most current versions of the Board’s audit guidelines and compliance questionnaires.


View 2024 Audit Guidelines Memorandum

View 2024 Legal Compliance Questionnaire

View 2024 Procurement Compliance Questionnaire

View 2024 USFRCS Compliance Questionnaire

List of Audit Firms

The audit firm selected to conduct the charter holder’s annual audit must meet the mandatory audit firm qualifications specified in the Board’s audit guidelines. The document below includes a list of audit firms that conducted charter school audits in the most recently completed audit cycle. Please note charter holders are not required to select an audit firm from the list found below to conduct their annual audits and this list is not an endorsement by the Board of these particular audit firms. Audit quality should be researched independently.


Policy and Guidance

This section includes policies and guidance issued by the Board related to the annual audits.

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View July 27, 2011 Memorandum: "No" and "N/A" Answers in the Compliance Questionnaires

View Audit & Compliance Questionnaire Follow-up Matrix Policy Statement