Financial Performance

Financial Performance Framework

State law requires the Board to ground its actions in evidence of the charter holder's performance in accordance with the Board's performance framework and requires the Board's performance framework to include the financial expectations of the charter school. In July 2019, the Board implemented its new Financial Performance Framework ("financial framework"). The financial framework communicates the Board's expectations for ensuring that all charter holders in its portfolio are viable organizations with strong fiscal management practices. The guides and other documents below provide more information on the financial framework, including its measures, summative financial performance ratings, and intervention process.


Financial Eligibility Criteria

To ensure a minimum standard of achievement and operations charter holders should strive to obtain before expanding, the Board adopted financial, academic and operational eligibility criteria for expansion requests. The current financial eligibility criteria are included below.


Accessing Financial Performance Information

A charter holder's performance as evaluated using the financial framework is represented in a dashboard. The Board has provided online public access to each charter holder's financial dashboard and the audits of Board-sponsored charter holders. Information about how to access a charter holder's financial dashboard and annual audits online may be found below.