Academic Framework

Through its academic framework, the Board communicates its expectations for ensuring that all charter holders in its portfolio are providing a learning environment where measurable improvement in pupil achievement can be demonstrated. The academic framework uses multiple measures to annually evaluate whether the students at each of the charter holder’s schools are making adequate growth and achieving proficiency.

Board's Performance Framework

State law requires the Board to adopt a performance framework and to ground its actions in evidence of the charter holder’s performance in accordance with the performance framework. The term “charter holder” refers to the entity that has entered into a charter contract with the Board to operate one or more charter schools. The Board’s Performance Framework includes an academic performance component (“academic framework”), a financial performance component (“financial framework”) and an operational performance component ("operational framework").

Charter Law

Title 15, Chapter 1, Article 8 of the Arizona Revised Statutes is sometimes referred to as the “charter law”. The charter law covers many of the responsibilities concerning charter schools in Arizona. Other responsibilities of charter school operators may be found outside of Article 8. Arizona Revised Statutes, including the rest of Title 15 – Education.