Board Administrative Rules


Arizona Administrative Code

State law requires the Board to adopt administrative rules, which implement the law or describe the Board's procedures. View the Board's rules.


Title 7. Education

Chapter 5. State Board for Charter Schools


Article 1. General Provisions


R7-5-101. Definitions


Article 2. Application for a New Charter; Application for Charter Replication


R7-5-201. Application for a New Charter

R7-5-202. New Charter Application Processing Fee

R7-5-203. Time Frames for Granting or Denying a New Charter

R7-5-204. Review of Administratively Complete Application Package for a New Charter, Technical Assistance, and In-person Interview

R7-5-205. Execution of a New Charter

R7-5-206. Good-cause Extension to Execute a New Charter

R7-5-207. Good-cause Suspension of a New Charter

R7-5-208. Application for Replication Charter


Article 3. Post-charter Actions


R7-5-301. Application for Charter Renewal; Early Renewal of Charter

R7-5-302. Charter Transfer Application

R7-5-303. Charter Amendment Requests


Article 4. Minimum Performance Expectations


R7-5-401. Minimum Academic Performance Expectations

R7-5-402. Minimum Financial Performance Expectations

    Table 1. ADM Category Criteria 

    Table 2. Probation Risk Level Criteria 

R7-5-403. Minimum Operational Performance Expectations

R7-5-404. Development and Use of Performance Frameworks


Article 5. Charter Supervision


R7-5-501. General Supervision

R7-5-502. Site Visits

R7-5-503. Annual Academic Performance Review

R7-5-504. Annual Audit and Financial Performance Review

R7-5-505. Operational Performance Review

R7-5-506. Five-year-interval Review

R7-5-507. Complaints

R7-5-508. Demonstration of Sufficient Progress towards Minimum Academic Performance Expectations

R7-5-509. Financial Intervention Submissions

R7-5-510. Corrective Action Plan

R7-5-511. Financial Intervention Submissions - On Probation 


Article 6. Charter Oversight


R7-5-601. Charter Oversight: General Provisions

R7-5-602. Oversight of Charter Schools Assigned a Letter Grade of “F” by the Department

R7-5-603. Oversight of Charter Schools Assigned a Letter Grade of “D” by the Department

R7-5-604. Civil Penalty for Fingerprinting Violation

R7-5-605. Withholding State Funds

R7-5-606. Consent Agreement

R7-5-607. Revocation