Board Actions and Communications

A charter holder may appear on a Board agenda for a variety of reasons, including consideration of a request to amend the charter contract, consideration of an application for a new charter contract or the renewal of an existing charter contract, or consideration of disciplinary action when the charter holder fails to meet its obligations under the law or its charter contract. To determine if the Board has had any recent actions involving a particular charter holder, please enter the charter holder’s name in the “search” field found at the top of this page. If the charter holder has appeared on a Board meeting agenda between September 28, 2009 and present, the search results will identify which meeting and provide a link to the agenda, materials and either the summary and audio recordings or the minutes for the meeting.

The Charter Holder Search in ASBCS Online allows you to search for a charter holder. Clicking on the charter holder’s name in the search results provides detailed information about the charter holder. On the “Documentation” tab select “Public Communications Log” to view these communications. Additional communications and other documents may be available through the charter holder's "Document Management System" accessed on the "Documentation" tab. After selecting "Document Management System", click on the plus sign ("+") next to the folder icon and select the folder or document you would like to view.