Meeting Dates & Materials

The Board regularly meets monthly on the second Monday of each month, or as necessary. Board meeting notices are posted at least 24 hours in advance on this webpage. The agenda and related materials for a particular meeting may be accessed by clicking on “Notice, Agenda, and Materials” underneath the meeting date. The Board meeting notices are also posted on the north facing exterior door of the Board's office, which is located in Phoenix at 1616 W. Adams Street, Suite 170.

A summary of the meeting motions, as well as a recording of the meetings will be available within three business days of the completion of the meeting.

  • To access the summary of a meeting, click on the “Meeting Summary” for the applicable meeting date.
  • To access a recording for a particular agenda item from a specific meeting, click on “Notice, Agenda, and Materials” for the applicable meeting date and then select “play” for the item of interest.

Meeting minutes for meetings held prior to January 2011 may be accessed by clicking on the “Approved Minutes” for the applicable meeting date.

ASBCS Board Meeting Calendar 2022   Download



ASBCS Board Meeting Calendar 2023   Download


Title Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
Regular Session - August 8, 2022 Agenda Minutes
Board Retreat - June 6, 2022 Agenda
Regular Session - May 9, 2022 Agenda Minutes
Regular Session - April 11, 2022
Regular Session - March 14, 2022
Regular Session - February 14, 2022
Regular Session - January 10, 2022
Regular Session- December 16, 2021
Regular Session- November 22, 2021
Courtesy Notice of Participation - November 18 & 19, 2021
Regular Session- October 18, 2021
Regular Session- September 13, 2021
Regular Session- August 9, 2021
Board Retreat - June 7, 2021
Special Board Meeting June 7, 2021
Subcommittee Board Meeting - May 25, 2021
Courtesy Notice of Participation - May 18, 2021 - May 20, 2021
Regular Session- May 10, 2021
Regular Session- April 12, 2021
Regular Session- February 8, 2021