Arizona's A-F Letter Grade System

In 2010, the Governor signed into law a bill passed by the Legislature to create an A-F grading system for all public charter and district schools. Arizona’s A-F Letter Grade System was adopted by the State Board of Education in June 2011. According to information available through the Arizona Department of Education’s (“ADE”) website, “The A-F Letter Grade System was created to provide clear, easy-to-understand information to parents so that they could base their educational decisions on the best information available about the overall academic performance of schools and districts/charter holders.” Using the links below, you may access the current A-F letter grades issued by the ADE and the A-F Letter Grades Guide for Parents (available on the linked page's "Information for Parents" tab). In evaluating a charter school’s academic performance under its Performance Framework, the Board considers the letter grade issued by ADE.

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