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Need a Graduation Verification for a Closed Charter School?

The Arizona Department of Education has partnered with the DiplomaVerify service with the National Student Clearinghouse to begin providing diploma verifications for individuals, employers, background screening firms, and the military.  This service includes charter schools that have closed and should be your first stop in obtaining a graduation verification from a closed charter school. 


Overview of the service:

  • Free to use
  • Fully automates the process of diploma verifications
  • Faster and secure way to get your graduation verification.  
  • Verifications can be performed any time of day

To request your diploma verification visit the Diploma Verify website to submit your request. 


Thank you for contacting the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (ASBCS) Records Department. Due to the large volume of student records requests our turnaround time is currently AT LEAST 10 BUSINESS DAYS.


ASBCS has a duty to ensure all student information remains confidential and that all information pertaining to each request is appropriately documented per Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requirements.

School records are subject to FERPA restrictions, thus any requests submitted to ASBCS must be accompanied by the Request for School Records form. No requests will be accepted outside of this form.

Prior to completing the Request for School Records form, review the Closed School Records Location Tracker list thoroughly to locate your school and the entity responsible for completing your request for student records. 

The entity identified in the sheet will be responsible for completing your request for student records. Links and detailed information are provided in the Closed School Records Location Tracker.

Student records maintained by ASBCS are not reviewed to determine whether they are complete. ASBCS will provide all relevant documentation that is available in the student file. 



Thank you,

Ashley Berg
Executive Director
Arizona State Board for Charter Schools



Public Records Request (Not for use with student records requests)

Consistent with Public Records law A.R.S. 39-121, Arizona State Board for Charter Schools works diligently to give the public access to current, accurate, and in-depth knowledge about charter schools. For all public records requests, we ask that you are as specific as possible in your request for any documents. Please fill out the Public Request Form, and send via email to [email protected].  For information on where to send post mail or to visit our office in person, see the “Contact Us” box at the bottom of this page. All requests will be done in the order that they are received.


If you are submitting this form for a commercial purpose, you MUST disclose this pursuant to A.R.S. 39-121.03. Additional fees may apply.


Public Records Request Form

For assistance email the ASBCS operations team at: [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except state holidays.