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Welcome to the Public Comment Forum!

Through this forum, the charter community and other stakeholders have an opportunity to voice their position on a potential rule or policy and provide valuable information on how it may impact you and your community. Your feedback will assist the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (Board) and improve its services to the charter community.

We appreciate you taking the time to participate in this forum and look forward to hearing from you.


1st Opportunity for Public Comment - Revisions to “Special Education” Section of Compliance Questionnaires

Arizona Administrative Code R7-5-504(A) requires that the Board make available on its website written requirements regarding the audit each charter school is required to submit annually under A.R.S. §§ 15-183(E)(6) and 15-914. The written requirements, which are also referred to as the audit documents, include the Board’s Legal Compliance Questionnaire (LCQ) and Uniform System of Financial Records for Charter Schools Compliance Questionnaire (USFRCSCQ).

To ensure consistency among audit firms and to improve transparency, Board staff is proposing revisions to the “Special Education” section of the LCQ and USFRCSCQ. Board staff anticipates the Board will implement these changes beginning with the fiscal year 2025 audits.

You may access the proposed revisions here

The window for the first opportunity for public comment will be open June 7, 2024 – June 27, 2024.

All public comment received by June 27, 2024 using this Google form will be presented to the Board and members of the public will have an additional opportunity to provide comment to the Board at the meeting during which the Board considers the proposed revisions.