About the Board


Mission: To improve public education in Arizona by sponsoring charter schools that provide quality educational choices.

Through legislation in 1994, the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (“Board”)  was created. The Board is a charter authorizer responsible for overseeing public charter schools that operate under a contract with the Board.  Overseeing more than 550 charter schools, the Board is the largest charter school authorizer in Arizona and is one of the nation’s largest independent state authorizers.

In support of our mission, the following are the Board’s three strategic goals:

  • Promote the Board’s mission and continue to improve its authorizing practices to ensure quality educational choices are available to Arizona students and families.
  • The Board will continue to monitor and improve the Board’s Performance Frameworks and processes in order to meet the changing needs of the educational landscape and to ensure compliance and high expectations of the charter schools it authorizes.
  • To provide increased support, collaboration, and communication to the Board’s charter holder portfolio and charter school community.

Updated: August 2023

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