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A. Roll Call
B. Call to the Public
C. Superintendent’s Report – Update on current events and/or activities of the Department of Education.
D. Arizona Charter Schools Association Update
E. Executive Director’s Report
1. Status of Charters with previous and/or on-going Board actions: Academy of Arizona, Inc., Back-to-Basics School, Bradley Academy of Excellence, Inc., Gila Educational Group, Global Education Foundation, Inc., Legacy Schools, Scottsdale Horizons Charter School, Vechij Himdag Alternative School, Inc.
2. Policy Rule and Contracts Subcommittee to discuss New and Renewal Application Revisions and Contract Language
3. Strategic Planning
F. Consent Agenda
1. Carden Traditional School of Surprise, Inc. – Arizona Online Instruction.
2. Ed Ahead – USFRCS and Procurement Law Exceptions.
3. Educational Options Foundation – Arizona Online Instruction.
4. E-Institute Charter Schools, Inc. – Arizona Online Instruction.
5. Leona Advanced Virtual Academy – Arizona Online Instruction.
6. Lifelong Learning Research Institute, Inc. – Arizona Online Instruction.
7. RSD Charter School, Inc. – Arizona Online Instruction.
8. Successful Beginnings Charter School – USFRCS and Procurement Law Exceptions.
9. Sunnyside Charter and Montessori School – Decrease in grade levels served.
 10. Tertulia – Decrease in grade levels served.
G. Charter Replication Application
H. Settlement Agreement for Back-To-Basics School and Scottsdale Horizons Charter School
I. Board Comments and Future Meeting Dates
J. Approval of Minutes
September 13, 2010
K. Adjournment

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